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Safe and content in their own home

Cat Visits

Would you like to have total peace of mind while you are away, knowing your beloved cats are safe and happy in their own home?

Cats are naturally solitary animals, with their own territories and routines, and having a cat sitter visit your cat in their own home allows them to express their natural behaviours in their safe environment, allowing you to relax.

Each cat is an individual, and we love getting to know them all! Whether you have sky cats - perching high, hiding on top of wardrobes and loving to pounce as things fly past through the air or earth cats, hiding behind sofas, tucking themselves away in small places and leaping out as their victim scurries past. Every cat has these desires in different proportions - and we take the time to work out each cat's individual likes and dislikes, then we invite them to play with us!

If your cat prefers to keep their distance, that's fine! We will leave them to it, while being open if they want to approach. We save food preparation until just before we leave as sometimes this can entice an outdoor cat inside, or tempt a shy cat to join us on the sofa. Although we prefer to spend time with each cat in our care, if your cat is independent this can be accommodated.


Whether your cat is a young kitten, or 20 years old, we have experience of the correct care while you are away and can administer medication if required.