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Puppy visits

Bringing a puppy home is an exciting and rewarding time but taking care of such a young dog has its challenges.  As you go back to your normal routine, you may need help to keep up all your good work with toilet training as well as provide that mid-day feed, play time and companionship. At twelve weeks of age most puppys can be left for 3-4 hours in a suitable environment.  For this reason we structure our puppy visits before and after our dog walks at approximately 10am and 2pm.

During our visit we take your pup outside to toilet, do basic training, play games and feed as required.  As your puppy grows we will take him on short walks to allow him to socialise with the people, dogs and familiarise himself with everyday sights and noises such as cars, trucks, horses etc.    At the age of around six to seven months we begin to move your pup onto the group walks so he can begin his adventures.


To reinforce good behaviour and training we rarely have more than one dog under 18 months of age on each group walk.  

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