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Feeling Hot Hot HOT

Keeping dogs cool.. what we are doing during the heat.

Over the past few days we have seen temperatures rise so I thought it would be a good idea to go over what we do in hot weather to keep everyone safe.

1. Earlier walks - we try as much as possible to schedule earlier walks and move dogs around so those with the greatest need for cooler temperatures (Braccy breeds and the big hairy dogs) go out first in the lowest of the days temperatures. We aim to try and get all walks finished for lunchtime. Home visits and one to one walks will take place last, and visits will include short walk or garden toilet break followed by games and training.

2. Our location. Forgot wide open fields, we are heading to the forest! Shady walks are a must and the woodland is great for us to play hide and seek or take an easy stroll and lots of sniffs.

3. The Vehicle. The car is parked in the shade whilst we are walking and upon approaching the car all windows and doors are opened to let as much heat out as possible. Obviously the AC is ramped up as soon as the engine goes on. Water is kept in the crates for the dogs.

What you can do to help in the heat....

1. Groom. Be sure to regularly groom your dog (even those with short haired). All that loose dead hair tramps the heat and prevents them from keeping cool.

2. Leave plenty of water down and maybe a frozen treat. Frozen kongs or ice pops are loved by the dogs when they come back home and help to cool them down, as well as acting as a calming tool helping them to relax and snooze the afternoon away.

3. Ventilate. If you feel comfortable leaving upstairs windows open whilst you are out it can make a really difference to the temperature of the house, otherwise keep curtains shut to stop the sun streaming in. Invest in some cooling mats for our pet to lie on.