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Review of 2020

Well what can I say, is 2020 really the year to review? We were thinking about the last 12 months, reflecting on the thoughts that ran through our heads back in March at the beginning of lock down. We feel incredibly lucky to have had the support of our amazing customers and to still be here and heading onto 2021. We then began thinking about all the things we have achieved over the last 12 months and decided a little review was due to share with you all, and keep as a memento of what can only be described as an extraordinary year.

So here’s what we’ve done in 2020.

· We’ve completed 4378 ‘services’ that means all the solo walks, group walks, intergenerational walks, visits, pet sits, training sessions and everything else we do!

· Spent the first lockdown ensuring all essential & keyworkers pets, and pets belonging to the vulnerable, continued to have their needs met. To make best use of our quieter time during lockdown we continued our professional development by renewing our pet first aid certificates. We also commissioned a new logo to reflect the development of our business and take us forward into our new chapter.

· Have helped 5 dogs find new homes. They were all in unique but distressing circumstances where dogs of elderly clients could no longer be looked after. Eliciting the support of other agencies we were aware of who could help in this situation we helped Jamie and Brandy, Jack, Alfie and Maisie all find amazing new homes, and they are now much loved and thriving in their new homes.

· Continued to work with the gorgeous Ruby, a Romanian rescue gaining her trust, enabling her to be less fearful of strangers, and at the end of the year she was settled enough for us to do a two-night pet sit – we look forward to extending this next year!

· Set up and delivered the Friday Funday based in the secure field at a local kennels. Commencing in the summer, it has given the dogs a taste of agility training which they have loved, learning how to jump over jumps and walk on the see-saw. Feedback has been amazing, and we are looking at how we can progress this over the coming 12 months.

· Julie has been attending weekly agility lessons with Monty at “Ready to Run” agility training and he is nearly ready to enter competitions.

· Used the secure field to give fear reactive dogs the opportunity to run off lead or to help dogs with their recall.

· Julie has started her Pet Bereavement Counselling Course; Once completed we hope to be able to provide emotional support to clients during their most difficult times.

· Keely has begun her final year of her BSc in Animal Behaviour and Welfare (Clinical) gaining a host of academic knowledge on animal learning. This allows us offer help and advice to existing clients and spot potential problems before they start.

· As part of Keely’s time at Harper Adams University we noticed the lack of internships supporting young people entering the animal industry. We have therefore established professional links with the local university and taken on a fulltime student on a paid placement. We are committed to supporting those entering the industry in the coming years.

· And finally, an exclusive (drum roll please……) In 2021 Keely will become the Puppy School Tutor for Telford, she has completed the classroom-based training and will be working with Puppy School to complete the practical work when restrictions allow. Time and care have been taken to ensure that the associations and training we are undertaking is of top quality and independently accredited for example the Fellowship of Animal Behaviour Clinicians and Puppy School are member organisations of the Animal Behaviour and Training Council, therefore continuing to offer our clients the very best advice and services.

For a year where we have ‘done nothing’ we’ve been busy and are very excited to be starting 2021 in a strong and optimistic position helping as many dogs and their owners as possible! And with that we wish you all a very happy and prosperous new year.

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